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Technical Question

I have an application which can be done using the Electric paint, but i need to ask about something to know if it will work or not!
i have a metal grounded table (connected to a battery ground), and i need to put the paint on a paper on this table, then i will have the Arduino connected to the same battery which is gounding the table.
will this work?

Ali Merdan

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Unfortuenatly the short answer is no - the grounded table will act as a sink for the electric field extending from the sensor, causing it to appear permanently touched. The additional coupling from a person will be minimal in comparison to this, and as a result it will be difficult (most likely impossible) to detect the difference between the two, and hence register a touch event.

My best advice would be to use a non-conductive table, for example wood or plastic, for this setup. Alternatively you could try inserting a non-conductive material between the table and the sensor, but it will likely need to be quite thick to minimise the impact of the table.

Bare Conductive
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