We’ve specifically developed Electric Paint to be a safe water based material – it has been designed to be non-toxic, solvent-free and water soluble. This makes it great for use at home or in the classroom. Electric Paint can also work as a conductive adhesive, providing a safer alternative to using soldering irons or for use on heat-sensitive surfaces like plastic.

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    wonwoo kim

    Can i use the Electric paint for the tattoo?

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    Bare Conductive

    We've not had anyone trying our paint in a tattoo, however i'm not entirely sure it remain conductive.

    When you tattoo your skin you have to put the ink into the dermis layer of skin below the outer layer (which is already very conductive) as the tattoo heals the top layer of skin grows over the dyed tissue below, insulating the tattoo, also the tattoo fades over time as your body tries to heal it but what is actually happening is that the ink is slowly being removed (as long as enough ink has been put in not all of it is able to be removed which is why it remains permanent).

    Therefore your tattoo would probably not remain very conductive over time as your body heals and also it would have to be more conductive than the already very conductive bottom layers of skin.