Can I put a shield on top of the Touch Board

The Touch Board is packed with features and this takes up quite a few of the digital IO pins on the ATmega32u4. However, we foresaw that people might want to disable the MP3 functionality and use various shields instead, and thus included solder bridges to de-solder and regain these digital pins.

These are written below along with their function on the board:

D05 – SD-CS, D06 – D-CS, D07 – D-REQ, D08 – MP3-RST, D09 – MP3-CS

The capacitive touch functionality is hardwired in and thus shields which require the use of D02, D03, and D04 will not work. Unless it is for another I2C device, which could be set to a different address to the MPR121 (5C). In this case D02 and D03 are free to be used as an I2C bus, however, D04 will still remain unavailable.

Here is a brief list of shields which we have verified their compatibility with the Touch Board:

  • Arduino Protoshield
  • Arduino Motor Shield
  • Ardumoto – Motor Driver Shield
  • Arduino Wireless Protoshield
  • Ciseco Relay Shield
  • Adafruit Neopixel Shield
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