Resetting the Touch Board

If your Touch Board is not new or you inherited from someone else and its not working correctly try these steps to get it functioning correctly: 

1. Remove any and and all Electric Paint from the Touch Board - don't forget to remove any from the MiDi pads on the front see step 2 of this project
Chip off as much as you can then use a baby wipe or water, ensure the Touch Board is completely dry before powering up

2. Download the latest version of Arduino

3. Run through the tutorial to use the Touch Board installer to make sure you have the correct drivers and libraries installed

4. Upload Touch MP3 code 

5. If you are using your own SD card make sure they are formatted as FAT32

6. Download the Audio guide that ships with the board here
You just need to unzip the folder and drag all the files onto your new SD card. 

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