Our community is growing every day and we’re pleased to host their projects on our Make and News pages.

We have over 7.5K email subscribers, 20K monthly website visitors, 70K monthly page views and over 20K Social Media fans, which means more people will read and share our own and community’s projects and tutorials.

If you love writing and/or you have amazing design skills and would like to share your expertise with a large audience of makers, designers, engineers and doers we'd love to hear from you.

Please take some time and read our guidelines, so it will hopefully answer all the questions you might have.

The Bare Essentials for Our Posts

We try to have as detailed content as we can, so our audience can find the information they need from building a project to completed project made either by us or our community. Successful guest contributions for us are well-written, detailed and data-driven posts that teach our readers something new about the technology and electronics industry. However, we tend to write about tips, tutorials and also write about our community’s projects and collaborations we have. We're also interested in publishing any topic that our community and readers care about, such as design, IoT, new technologies, wearables, exhibitions that are related to our industry and electronics among other things.

A few other things to take into consideration:

  • Original story, interesting and well-written topics. If your post has information from external sources, make sure it has our tone of voice and also has references to the original source.
  • Posts should reflect the writing style/tone of our blog. We try to be casual and relaxed, yet informative.
  • We always have references to external sources.
  • Try not to include more than one link to your blog’s website.

The post types we accept

Since we have articles with our community’s projects and tutorials; we’d like to have more articles related to Internet trends, technology, electronics and interesting projects, ideas and innovations.

Here are a few different types of blog posts that we would accept:

 While we post our own and our community’s projects, as well as tutorials; we’d like to post things that happen in our industry, interesting projects, exhibitions and events which will be related and combined with what we do as a company.

What We Won't Accept

  • Stories and subjects that have been covered on our blog before. Do some research on our website before writing your post.
  • Anything that promotes too much your website/blog.
  • Anything that's offensive or inaccurate. 

How to Submit Your Post

Please email with the following:

  • Your completed post as a Word Doc.
  • Image files in hi-resolution (with attribution) in a separate folder. Our blog dimensions are 1000x664
  • Brief author bio with a link to your blog/website, if there’s any.

If your article meets editorial rules and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond as soon as we can to let you know if your article will be published.

Bare Conductive Guidelines

Your articles must meet Bare Conductive’s guidelines and editorial standards in order to get published.

The submitted and published articles should not be published on your blog/website. Of course, you can share it across your channels and also promote it on your blog by linking back to the article on our blog.

Bare Conductive has the right to adapt your blog according to the style and tone of voice of our company.

Bare Conductive has also the right to add Call to Actions to any other Bare Conductive content material, including videos, other articles, Social Media, and/or email newsletters.

Benefits from being Bare Conductive’s Guest Blogger

  • 20% discount on Bare Conductive products
  • Attending events and workshops
  • Promotion of your work on Bare Conductive’s channels
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